Your skin type dictates the skincare solution you need, and the steps you need to take to protect your skin from the elements, like the sun, and also from bacteria, fungi and viruses that constantly attack your skin.
The two extreme cases of skin color are, the pale and the dark; and in between, are various shades and complexions. In general terms, pale skin tends to wrinkle more rapidly than dark skin, due to the presence of more surface lipids on dark skin than on pale skin. These surface lipids help to minimize loss of moisture from the dark skin as compared to pale skin. Furthermore, since melanin offers some protection, especially, against the sun, dark skin with more melanin has better protection from the sun than paler skin.

Wrinkles also are usually fewer on dark skin, but the creases are deeper than are usually found on pale skin. On the other hand, wrinkles on pale skin are more numerous, but finer in texture; in other words, the creases are thinner and shallower. Besides wrinkles, other age-related skin findings, such as, age spots, or brown spots, are more prevalent in pale skins, because of relative melanin deficiency. Paradoxically, olive-skin types have more age spots than do the dark or pale skin types.

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