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“I was losing my hair due to alopecia and had tried numerous remedies to re-grow my hair, I heard about Citrelox from my neighbor. I purchased the product, and within 90 days of use my hair that had fallen out in patches started to re-grow. This product is also great as an after- shave lotion, to retard ingrown facial hair in black men. This product is one and only. Try it, and you too will agree it is a God-send. Thanks Dr. Oye.”

“I sustained a cut on my right little toe by a broken mirror, which required 19 stitches. I continued to receive treatment at the hospital, including use of antibiotic wound cream. Nothing seemed to help. This went on for about a month. I was then referred to a wound care specialist who cleansed the wound, and asked me to try the Citrelox spray. I did; and the wound began to heal within days. The wound healed completely in about a week. The Citrelox antiseptic spray is now a permanent presence in my home.”

“I am an 84 year old woman that that has suffered for years with psoriasis on my leg. It was so bad I stopped wearing shorts. A friend told me about Citrelox and I ordered a bottle. Within one week my leg was much better, and within two weeks I could wear shorts again. I continue using Citrelox whenever I have any type of skin irritation. I believe everyone should have a bottle of Citrelox in their medicine box.”

“I am a landscaper laborer and get into a lot of poison ivy. A friend gave me some Citrelox to try. within 2 days I noticed a difference, and after 1 week the poison ivy was gone. I have also used it on sunburns. I think that anyone who works out in the sun or around poison ivy or oak should keep a bottle of Citrelox with them. I have told many of my friends about Citrelox and they love it too!”

“I have had problems with adult acne and could not find anything that would clear it up. A friend gave me a sample of Citrelox and told me to try it for 1 week. She promised me it would take care of my acne problem and she was right. I used it for 3 days and my face was clear. I had my teenage daughter try it for acne and it helped her too. She just sprays it on, lets it dry, and then applies her make up. Her face does not break out any more. I even use Citrelox on my Pomeranian who has what is known as pomi disease. His skin turns black and his fur falls out. After using Citrelox on him for 1 week his fur started coming back in. Thanks to Citrelox my daughter and I can go out in public and not be stared at because of our acne problems. I suggest that anyone with any type of skin problem try Citrelox for just one week it works!”

I am pleased to let you know that after decades of seasonal combats with fungal infection on my arms, I finally obtained relief after a few days of use of the Citrelox spray. I could not believe my eyes. Citrelox also soothes the skin. My son also used the product on rashes on his scalp, which were cleared almost immediately. We both now use it for the soothing and refreshing effect it has on the skin. Thank you again for this wonderful product.

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your product, Citrelox. As a practicing Doctor of Chiropractic we have seen Citrelox used successfully for rashes, insect bites, poison ivy, abrasions and even as aftershave. I will continue to recommend Citrelox because it is safe, effective and natural, and complements the philosophy of our practice.
-Dr. D.W.G.

I am so pleased with Citrelox. It has healed my skin ulcer. I have had several skin grafts, and they were not a success. But Citrelox has healed the ulcer.
+My left big toe was infected, and I was losing the toenail. Applying the Citrelox spray twice daily completely healed it after 1 week. It is safe, effective, and I would recommend it for any one with a skin problem. Thank You.
M.W.,. Clarksburg WV.